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Double E's Virtual Cargo Company


Remodeling is complete.
It took about 35 hours and it was worth it.
Thank you for your patience,
Double E


A special "THANK YOU" to Dieseldog for allowing me to host some of his trailers with my cargos in them.
There are 19 stand alone trailers with 25 new cargos on the "New Cargos" page.
You can find more trailers and trucks over a Dieseldogs place.
Put the "Links Page" back up
All the cargos that had seperate trucks are now combos and have been moved to the "combos" page
Added new skin for the "Harley Davidsons" cargo
Fixed the "Ammunition" cargo
Added "TSS Archives" Page to bring back some of Chris1's work back to our community.
You can also find his work availible over at the TSS forum.
Added "Haulin Mods" page

Added "Adding Mods" tutorial in a zero compression file.


New downloads coming soon !!!

I will no longer be including a read me with my cargo's. There is a sample read me on the cargo's page for reference.

I will be adding more stuff periodicly.
If you have any suggestions or requests, please let me know.
Thanks for visiting, Double E

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Any help would be greatly appreciated. All donations will be used for this site. Anything extra will be used only for 18 Wheels of Steel editing purposes.
Thank you,
Double E

Double E : Owner and Operater