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Double E's Virtual Cargo Company


New Addons

Double E's Custom Star
Stand alone truck

Full Fenders by Will
Headach Rack by Will
Tall Antennas by Lee
Wheels by Eclipse
Tires by Maddog
Custom Lights and Horns by Longframe
Mud Flaps from I-10's Toy Box
Bug Screen from I-10's Toy Box
Blue Flares by ? ? ? ? ? ?
Wing from the I9300
Skins by Double E, BullDog, and Wild Rose 

click here to download My Custom Star

Dealer Locations for Soccer Studio's Map

New horn
Replaces horn_3.ogg

Click here to listen to New Horn

click here to download "New Horn"

Driver Double E

Click here to download Driver Double E

Downloads Prior to January 1st 2008

Download "Correct truck names" for PTTM

Dealer Map

Download Dealer Map

New P362 Grill

Download P362 Grill

Skull and Swords Wheels

Download "Skull and Swords" Wheels

Nascar Driver Pack

Download Nascar Driver Pack

Downloads Prior to January 1st 2008

New Companies
1: Hospital- - Tenet Hospitals
2: PGG Ports- Maersk Sealand
3: Rock Ports - APL
4: Fred Miller Mall - Target
5: Eddy's food - Publix
6: Zabart's food - Super Target
7: GenLab Chemicals - Ashland Chemicals
8: IWM - Waste Management
9: MC foodplant - Glover Foods
10: TriAir - Ups
11: Car dealer - Carmax
12: Nextar Oil - Shell
13: UFO Oil- BP Amoco
14: Trolley Mall - Wal-Mart
15: Home Garden - THe Home Depot
16: Dig Witch Constructions - Phillips Construction

Download "New company signs" (First Edition)

Chevron Station

Download Chevron Station

New Billboards

Download "Bilboard Replacement" Skins

Double E : Owner and Operater